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We are currently preparing next season's inventory! We have over 100 units in reconditioning--contact us if you don't see what you're looking for!

At Wizards Powersports you’ll find the area’s largest selection of guaranteed pre-owned units, with options for any budget. Every unit we sell is inspected, serviced or repaired as necessary, and lake-tested before being offered for sale. All 4-stroke models include a 30-day warranty. Any ski we’re not comfortable selling is dismantled for parts, so you know we’ll never pass someone else’s problems on to you!

See our current inventory below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask!

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Prices do not include trailer, storage cover, 3% NC sales tax, or registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

3-seaters are larger and more stable. 2-seaters may be faster and more nimble.

Supercharged or turbocharged skis are faster, but may require additional maintenance.

2-stroke models will be cheaper and can be light and fun, but 4-stroke models offer more comfort, stability, and power with less maintenance.

Every manufacturer has pros and cons, but as with any machine, reliability depends more on proper maintenance than on the brand name.

• Generally speaking, Sea-Doo models have more features and advanced tech, and more aggressive styling.
• Yamaha is more conservative and tends to prefer tried-and-true technologies.
• Kawasaki models are more basic and can be a good value.
• Hondas are no longer produced, but are great machines, and parts are still readily available.

2-stroke engines are lighter with more power-to-weight. They are simpler and less expensive to repair, but also less reliable and may require more maintenance. They can be carbureted or fuel injected. They are no longer found in new models.

4-stroke engines are heavier, smoother, and quieter. They are always fuel injected. They are more complex and more costly to repair, but also more reliable and longer lasting. They are used in all newer models.

A 4-stroke engine is usually good for over 1000 hours, although supercharged models may see failures sooner.

A 2-stroke engine usually lasts over 300 hours if properly maintained.

We price our skis competitively, but yes. Buying a ski from a guy on Facebook may be cheaper upfront. However, that savings can quickly turn into an expensive headache when you don’t know if it has problems or needs major service. Our skis would be cheaper too if we didn’t perform all necessary service and stand behind them with a 30-day warranty. But we do.

Of course! Just click TRAILERS at the top of the page.

Drive-on docks are currently sold out and backordered.

We accept cash and check. Credit/debit cards will incur a 3% fee (on unit sales only). We do not offer financing on site.